Today is my second paid holiday off since becoming a full time employee (oh, and by the way, I have a dentist appt. Wednesday — woo hoo!). So it would make sense that they would decide to do noisy foundation repair work in my building on my day off.

They are currently working on the unit next to ours, and the wall is vibrating slightly. We have removed all our artwork from the walls just in case. It’s an old building, but I like living here and the foundation repair should ensure that there will be no more new cracks in our ceiling for some time to come.

I’ve been pondering the word, “foundation,” since we got the notice Friday that today they would begin the final phase of the repairs. They’ve been drilling holes and tearing up the landscaping for a week or so now, working as much as they can between the torrential rains we’ve had the past two weeks. Today, they are ready to pour the concrete into the holes and shore up what’s been crumbling beneath us.

The foundation of our country is wrapped up in the words, “In God we Trust,” and many other phrases documented in our history books — words connecting our country to God the acknowledgement of the ideals of the founding fathers who based the foundation of our nation on God and His principles. Two hundred and twenty-eight years later, the foundation of our country is in desperate need of repair. Decades of moral erosion (abortion, the sexual revolution, the confusion caused by role-reversing feminism, etc) and the forced removal of all things godly from schools (prayer, Bible clubs, restrictions on teachers, etc) has contributed to the moral decline of the entire nation. The evidence is overwhelming, yet the nation as a whole will not acknowledge the evidence. If they say, “you were right, we were wrong,” then they’d have to acknowledge the sovereignty of God and face their own sin and they aren’t ready. I don’t think they ever will be. So if Christians are waiting for the government or the population as a whole to embrace Christianity and acknowledge the foundations of this country, we’re waiting in vain.

The trouble is, can a foundation that has been weakened and eroded be repaired if the majority of the people in this post-Christian culture cannot agree that it should be repaired, how it should be repaired, or if it is even in need of it? I don’t believe replacing solid rock with the loose pebbles of of other religions, other lifestyle agendas, pro-choice, personal rights, selfishness, debauchery, and other anti-Christian methods and beliefs will stablilize this country. Either we fall back on what we know is strong, or we start all over and build from scratch.

Starting over. That’s what scares me. I fear that is where this country is headed. Someday, I’m going to wake up and not even recognize my nation as God’s anymore. Every trace of Him will be erased, and people will have their “freedom” only to be trapped by it — trapped in a culture where anything goes, and chaos reigns. Hmm… some European countries come to mind.

Right now, we have a president who is trying to help with godly foundation repair. As quickly as he makes the holes to be filled with something solid, someone with their own agenda is throwing their pebbles in with nothing to hold the pebbles together — weakening us once again. The president is trying to stabilize this country by doing what’s right both here and abroad while the nation challenges his every move. He is trying to help the Iraquis establish their freedom while America is willfully choosing to abandon their own freedom by thinking they are embracing it. Someday, the world may have to mobilize and help liberate us from our own liberation. Trouble is, America is one of the few countries left that was founded as, “one nation, under God.” God help us all.

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