Watching God work in nature keeps me in touch with the creative side of me. On the way home from shopping tonight, I was treated to a beautiful sunset. If I’d had a camera, I’d have taken a picture, but I have committed it to memory and I can see it when I close my eyes. It was one of those sunsets with some dark clouds on the horizon, the kind that look like mountains in the distance. The clouds were surrounded by bursts of pink, orange, turquoise and lavender. Absolutely picture perfect.

I also love watching God work things out in my life. When I’m living solo again, there will be certain things I need to replace, such a as a vacuum cleaner… dishes… a table… stuff like that. I will not have to buy much as my list grows shorter through gifts from friends. I have actually started to look forward to the change. Is this me talking?!

I know God is in control, I know He loves me, I know I will have everything I need. All I need to do is to keep walking in the way He’s set before me. I feel eerily calm, and for that I am grateful.

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  1. Dana says:

    What did you get? Did you miss us terribly? I am so sad we didn’t get to go…I would have loved to have seen the sunset with you!God is good my friend. God is good indeed.

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