At a recent Bible study, someone mentioned that the Hebrew word for peace, Shalom, was translated as wholeness.

My entire life, the word peace has been referred to as a feeling or emotion that is sought after, desired and coveted. How often have I heard someone I know say, “I just have a peace about it,” or “I’ll know God wants me to do (want, go) this when I feel His peace,” over the course of my life.

How empty I’ve felt when I haven’t felt…”it.”

This word, “wholeness” being thrown into the mix really threw me. Wholeness isn’t a feeling, it is a state of being… the sense of being restored and complete, not finished, yet… at peace.

In my journey of healing, I think I am beginning to understand peace in this context of wholeness. For lack of a better word, I feel God’s peace and yes, it is totally beyond the comprehension and understanding of my limited human brain. I cannot achieve peace. I can pursue it, but I will never find it.

Peace is a gift from God and is a byproduct of allowing God to heal me and take all the broken pieces of my life and redeem them into something beautiful and restore me to a place I thought I’d never be. The more whole I become, the more peace saturates my being.

I can’t explain peace, but since it transcends all understanding, my words are a feeble attempt. Just know I’m grateful I can stop chasing peace and let God continue his work.

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  1. AMEN! Especially since Christ is the Prince of Peace, He Himself IS our Peace, and peace is a fruit of the Spirit. Right on- peace cannot be attained. It IS a gift. Fruit of the Spirit is not achieved. It is a result of the Spirit, supernatural. Isn’t that a freeing feeling?! That itself brings Peace! 🙂

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