I can remember when I was soft-headed and hard-hearted. I didn’t think enough, have much in the way of discernment or wisdom, and my my heart was hard and I couldn’t feel love. I would believe the unbelievable (and not the good kind) and I would follow facts rather than truth, but I wouldn’t allow myself to feel.

Soft-headed and hard-hearted isn’t a good combo. Being taken advantage of, not being able to make wise choices, and not truly experiencing the gift of love isn’t the way to live in excellence. God has a better plan.

I suppose being hard-headed, stubborn and unwilling to learn and in turn being easily wounded isn’t a good combination, either. I’ve lived this dichotomy in my life as well. Nobody could tell me I was wrong. I was inflexible and rigid, and as a result, miserable. God has a better plan.

I believe that with God as my wisdom the spirit’s discernment, my mind and heart are protected so that I can make wise choices, be flexible, and my heart can be shielded, yet remain tender and open. This is the better plan, and the lessons come in several installments, but it’s free – paid for by Jesus’ great sacrifice. All I have to do is subscribe, study, do the homework, and SEEK, SEEK, SEEK the Lord in all I do, for all I do.

I have coasted for a great while. I have not been deliberate about asking God for direction or guidance. I have thrown decisions to the wind, to be answered by circumstances, rather than by seeking God’s face and waiting for his answer. Does that mean my life is a shambles? No. I’ve done ok. I’m surviving. My life isn’t bad. God will bless me in spite of myself, right? It’s not like I’m asking for bad things, or making horrible choices…but…

God has a better plan.

This Lent, I’ve subscribed to the plan and studied, and even done the homework. I even have a tutor or two. Seeking God’s face has been something I haven’t excelled at, but I’m getting better because I do it whether I feel like it or not. The more I do it, the more I feel like it.

The more I seek him, the more I know that I’m meant to live beyond where I am right now. That doesn’t mean I’m not content with what I have or where I am at, because I am content. I just have this sneaking suspicion that there’s more I’m meant to do.

I will know this plan as it unfolds because it will not make any earthly sense and I won’t be able to figure it out or explain it to anyone. The only explanation that will make sense is God. I may not know the next step until I am in the motion of taking it, but I will take it. I will follow the leading of the Lord.

I’ve been thinking about God’s plan and listening to an old CD of songs from the Metro Band. My favorite song is “Father of Lights.” (sung by Robbie Seay and Christy Nockels). I believe it’s by John Barnett. The lyrics of this song remind me that God is the one constant I have and that every good and perfect gift comes from him.

I have so much to be thankful for. This Lent has been an amazing gift from the Lord, and the people I’ve journeyed with have been an even bigger and better gift than I could have imagined. I’m still learning a great deal and I’m open… and shielded.

Father of lights, You delight in Your children
Father of lights, You delight in Your children

Every good and perfect gift comes from You
Every good and perfect gift comes from You
Every good and perfect gift comes from You
Father of lights

Father of lights, You never change, You have no turning
Father of lights, You never change, You have no turning

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