Isaiah 9:6-7 (The Voice)

Hope of all hopes, dream of our dreams,
a child has been born, sweet-breathed, a son is given to us: a living gift.
And even now, with tiny features and dewy hair,
He is great.  The power of leadership
and the weight of authority will rest on His shoulders.
His name?  His name we’ll know in many ways
He will be called Wonderful Counselor, wise beyond belief, the Great God.
Dear Father everlasting, ever-present never failing.
Master of wholeness, SarShalom (which means, “Prince of Peace”).
His leadership will bring such prosperity as you’ve never seen before
sustainable in its integrity, peace for all time.
This child will keep alive God’s promise to David –
A throne forever, right here among us.
He will restore right leadership that will not, that cannot be perverted or shaken.

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