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Hooray! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s not attached to a train! Of course, reaching 50,000 words is an accomplishment, but unfortunately, that will not mean the end of the novel… so it will probably take me a little while to wrap it up.

I hope to finish tomorrow night!

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I have written 9118 words in the last 36 hours, bringing my grand total to 36,165. I should be finished, I hope, by next weekend. This is the home stretch, the part where I search my brain for ways to start wrapping this thing up. Yeah, the hardest part. ha ha

This is a big transition week for me. I leave one job. I am jobless for four days. I start a new job. I will be so ready for Thanksgiving and a long weekend!

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Eleven days in, I’m sitting at right under 23,000 words, which means I should pass the halfway mark tomorrow. Not bad.

I’m on pace to finish the weekend of Thanksgiving, which is good. This gives me a little breathing room, should I need to take a night off. Considering I there wasn’t one night last week where I was in bed before midnight, I may need to do that. I also have jury duty Thursday (ugh).

The book is flowing, which is good. So far, the well has not run dry and I’m grateful. I finished writing earlier today, so I can relax and hopefully go to bed at a decent hour…

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I’m over 10,000 words five days in. Tonight I’ll add more. Totally ahead of schedule! So far, the story is flowing, though tonight, my brain is completely fatigued. I have to remind myself this is the rough draft…

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I just finished my first night of NANOWRIMO. I wrote 1875 words, over 200 over the minimum daily required to finish in 30 days. That’s a good start!

It’s pouring out so far, but it’s very raw. I’ve been dreaming and breathing this story for weeks now. Maybe in December, when this is over, I can get a good night’s sleep again.

I’m trying to find the NANOWRIMO counter to put on my template. Hopefully I’ll find it soon. I’m ready for a nap.

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I just did a quick run through of the Eagles’ new album, Long Road Out of Eden. Their first studio album in nearly three decades, it doesn’t disappoint. If you are an Eagles fan and you didn’t purchase it today, shame on you.

Long Road Out of Eden features all four original members, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit and they weave rock, country, folk, and vintage Eagles harmonies into all 20 tracks.

Lyrically, Long Road covers everything from love, life and politics, to the biting cynicsm of wondering if people have a “Frail Grasp on the Big Picture,” which questions if we in America understand God at all.

The title track, “Long Road Out of Eden,” starts out with a melancholy Middle Eastern sound, then flows into a searing assessment of Americans “bloated with entitlement.” The longing for meaning in this song flows out of Henley’s gritty voice.

Unlike some, I’m not afraid of someone’s honest assessment of Christianity – even if some of the stained glass gets broken. What I’ve always appreciated about groups like the Eagles is, even if I disagree with them, they make me think and wrestle with subjects and notions many take for granted.

Once you put the lyrics aside, the music is a ride one must take regardless. I’ve savored every note and chord progression so far.

You know, I think I was working on an outline for my book. I should get back to it. I know this CD, however, will be playing many nights as I write.

Long Road to Eden is available exclusively at Wal-Mart for $11.88.