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I don’t care who you voted for, I just care that you voted.

Either way, no matter who wins, history will have been made. The first female vice president will be elected, or the first African-American president will take office. Either way, the result is encouraging in that this country is taking steps to break out of the mold it’s held for over two hundred years.

Minds are opening. Change is in the air. Though I early voted, I went out this morning and people everywhere were talking about the election, asking others if they voted. People early voted in record numbers and lines were long this morning as people waited to exercise their right to choose.

I will try not to watch so much election coverage, but I can’t help myself. I’m excited and hopeful for the first time since I have been old enough to vote. I am excited that the election has people’s attention and that people are talking and engaged and listening and thinking. This is one of the reasons I love my country and the privileges I have, but most of all, I have the privilege to choose.

I don’t care who you voted for. I just care that you voted…and if you didn’t vote, I don’t want to hear you gripe.