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I’ve been thinking a lot about independence lately. I’ve always thought of myself as independent, though I also realize I’ve only hit that target in recent years. Independence has taken on new meaning for me in the last week or so, given the Supreme Court seems hellbent on limiting independence or taking it away entirely.

I’m actually kind of maudlin today. I don’t feel like celebrating independence when I feel it’s at the very least being infringed upon, and at the most, being removed for those except a minority who believe one certain way.

I never thought of myself as “liberal.” Now I can’t picture myself as anything but. Liberal means for everyone. Liberal means justice. Liberal means inclusive. Liberal means peace.

I can’t picture myself going back to the side that believes it’s okay to legislate morality and tells me I’m going to hell and am less than. I don’t know why anyone would expect me to either. I don’t understand voting against my own interests or against the interests of the marginalized. I belong to a few marginalized groups.

If you are not a straight, white, fundamentalist male, you are being targeted. Don’t be surprised when they come for your autonomy, too, though you believe you are on the “safe” side.

This is how democracy dies. Can we pull it back from the brink?