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I know our country will be at war within a day or so. I work at one of the largest churches in Texas, and today, we received a four page booklet entitled, “Contingency Plan,” that instructs our staff on the issues of safety during the times of orange alert or higher. It’s really scary that a church would have to have a contingency plan, but we do. The scariest part is, that the larger places of worship in this country are potential targets of terrorists. That’s a heavy load to have on your mind when you drive to work every day, huh?

If there are threats on any church in our area, I can’t take a bag to work, and my purse will have to be searched each time I enter the building. If a church in the area actually gets hit, our church will be locked down, except for one entrance, and they would actually consider canceling all services and move small groups to offsite meeting places.

The saddest part to me is that they would cancel the services. I don’t attend church where I work. I have no idea as of yet what my church’s contingency plan is. I just think that the terrorists win when we are too afraid to go to our places of worship… I mean, after all, if we truly believe that we are saved, then if something does happen while we are in church… does it really matter? I personally believe that if 3,000 people, or even 2 or 3, are gathered praising and worshipping Him, then evil will tremble at the doors.

Please pray for our troops. I barely remember the Vietnam War, but I do remember that many Americans, in their efforts to protest the war itself, turned their backs on the men and women who put their lives on the line to defend freedom for all. Even if you do not agree with the war, please pray for those who are courageously performing their duty to defend freedom for all with their own lives.


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