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(10 things that make me think of a certain Nerkian – you know who you are!)

I apologize if you don’t get most of these, but hey, I’m getting back into the swing of doing “lists.” I know of one person who will enjoy this immensely and you (and you know who you are, too) will get your list soon… or you could try and guess who my favorite Nerkian is!

10) Penny Lane. I heard that song this week and started singing, “Anderson is in my ears and in my eyes…” and Jene’ turned to me and wondered if I bumped my head too hard or something.

9) Love Snaps (TM). Rubber bands – free entertainment. And that’s all I have to say about that…

8) Noxious fumes and the woman who gave birth to 16 babies at once. Stay up until 3 a.m. with a good friend and read The Star or the National Enquirer and fun will commence. I mean, if you believe those stories, you need more help than I can give you.

7) Well YOU can be…. While driving in the country recently… well, I saw this barn door… and started laughing.

6) Green Acres. Still can’t stand that song unless it is sung by a certain group of people. Whenever that Old Navy commercial came on the air, I cried out in protest!

5) Bari Sax. No, not a person. An instrument of epic proportions. Anchors a jazz ensemble (in my humble opinion). HONK!

4) Bright orange birthday cards. Very LARGE, blinding orange birthday cards…

3) HELLO! My name is Inigo Montoya… you killed my father… prepare to die. I mean, I can quote this movie backwards and forwards, but the Nerkian can trump me on this one…and several Mel Brooks movies.

2) Ohio… is how you say hello in Japanese. The other “Ohio” is a state full of nuts… I mean Buckeyes.

1) MacGyver. The other day, I was jerryrigging something… with duct tape, a paper clip, an eraser and some sticky tak… ah, the memories…

And for honorable mention… think Popeye…

Okay, that is it for this evening… I will list more later!


I seek to live, breathe & work creatively. Late bloomer. I survived breast cancer and so much more. I will meet each challenge w/determination, badassery & sass!

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  1. HEY!!!! I just saw this today. 4 years after you wrote it.Hee hee HEEEE!!!!!Love snap, baby, love snap!Well YOUUU can BEEEEE… a barn door that looks like a butt!The Nerkian Buckeye

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