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Today I babysat two adorable kids. Alexandra is 7 and starts second grade Thursday. Ian, 5, will enter kindergarten. They returned this morning from attending a relative’s wedding in England (Dad is from Cornwall) and of course, their little internal clocks are off by about 7 hours. Apparently, they got up at 2:30 this morning…but stayed in bed, at the request of their mother until 4:30. I arrived on the scene at 7:15 (that’s really early for a night owl like me) and they had been up nearly 3 hours, had breakfast, and were in full gear. Morning children + non-morning babysitter = somewhat controlled chaos.

After lunch at 9:15, we played for a while, then tried to watch a movie on the new TV. New TV doesn’t play nice with widescreen DVD’s and Shrek’s head was cut off in several scenes. Alexandra, usually quite the patient tender heart, refused to watch the movie under these circumstances. I thought if I took them outside and wore them out, they might take a nap. HA HA

The kids have a nice play area and under the platform for the slide is a nice picnic table. Once we were outside, Alexandra got a bucket and started picking up fallen nuts (I have no idea what kind of tree this was) from the driveway. She managed to find almost a bucket full, then hauled it over to the picnic table. She filled another bucket with water while Ian filled another bucket with wood chips from the play area.

Alexandra put a few nut shells in the water and stirred them with a stick (the stick adds its own flavor, you know) and then put all of the nuts in and flushed the water out, (the distillation process) and then repeated the process. I asked her what she was making and she said, “Squirrel Beer Tonic,” which helps suqirrels with tummy aches. I see a big career involving chemistry for this one.

She added some flower petals (the secret ingredient) and then added wood chips for that wood aged taste. It’s firmenting overnight. I’ll let you know how it turns out…


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