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About four years ago, a friend of mine gave me a gift certificate for my birthday to get a manicure & pedicure. (His wife’s suggestion — she said he couldn’t go wrong with that gift — so I guess I should thank her, huh). I lost the certficate, found it, then lost it again until it resurfaced a few weeks ago. Tuesday, I was going to the mall to exchange something, and I realized that the gift certificate said Nails Beautiful was in the same mall… so I thought, “why not?”

Turns out Nails Beautiful moved out of the mall some time ago, but the sweet little old ladies at the information booth told me it was just around the corner in the same building that houses Bally’s. I pressed on. I found Bally’s and finally, Nails Beautiful.

I walked in, and since it was about 2:45 in the afternoon, the place was empty. I quickly explained the story of the gift certificate and the lady in charge said, (with thick Vietnamese accent) that she’d honor the gift certificate, but I’d have to kick in the price difference. Apparently, the prices have gone up slightly. No big deal.

I’ve never had a professional manicure or pedicure before… let alone a manicure with a SPA. Lynn was in charge of my feet, and a woman who never introduced herself was in charge of my hands. Conversation was minimal, because Lynn’s English wasn’t that strong and Miss No Name was content to just work on the hands and converse with Lynn in Vietnamese. Lynn did ask, over the course of the 45 minutes it took to complete the work on hands & feet, what my name was, and she told me hers. When Miss No Name walked away, she slipped me her card and told me that they worked on commission (hint: if I go back next time set up appointment with her). She was very nice.

I absolutely loved the spa and I love to have my feet rubbed. I managed to tell Lynn, without offending or scaring her, that one of my toes was broken and to try to work around it (yes, the toe I “stubbed” on Christmas Eve still hurts, especially when touched). She did a wonderful job, and she massaged both feet, calves, and all my toes (except stubby) and exfoliated my feet as well — all before she even worked on my toenails. Miss No Name massaged my hands, my forearms and my fingers. I was nearly asleep when Lynn accidentally touched my broken toe. I managed a smile and then Miss No Name started on my cuticles.

You know, I’ve always believed I’ve taken care of my nails (toes & hands) adequately… and I would have believed that until I saw how much work these women had to do to get my hands in the condition they are now. Lynn painted my toenails an orange color and Miss No Name put a light misty white color on my fingernails. I wasn’t too sure about putting polish on my fingernails, because I type, and I use my hands to file, etc. Usually, whenever I paint my nails, the fingernails are ruined by the end of the day. That’s why I smooth my fingernails, but rarely paint them. Miss No Name didn’t seem like she’d be satisfied unless polish was applied, so I let her. It was pretty until I scratched my thumbnail while getting gas about an hour later. Oh, well. It doesn’t look that bad, and my nails are still nice and smooth.

When I left there, I went to get my hair trimmed (with the rest of my Christmas money — woo hoo) and he cut it really short… but I flipped it up in the back this morning, and it wasn’t so bad. So, I guess I really did have a day of pampering after all. I never do that, either… maybe I should do it more.

I did decide that once I get a full time job, if the budget allows, I’d like to go visit Lynn and Miss No Name at least once a month. I guess it’s because when I left there, my feet felt lighter than air, and I just love, love, love to have my feet rubbed! It’s one of the most relaxing things ever.

I never thought I’d like to do anything that girly, but hey, it’s never to late for a change of heart.


I seek to live, breathe & work creatively. Late bloomer. I survived breast cancer and so much more. I will meet each challenge w/determination, badassery & sass!

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