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The Super Bowl is a huge draw for the celebrity set. If a celeb wants to be seen, treated as near royalty and get their picture taken and splashed across newspapers all over the country, Houston is the place to be this weekend.

So far, I have sighted not one celeb, but my life is not going to suffer for it. The city is abuzz, however, with sightings of Madonna at Starbuck’s on Westheimer and J-Lo retreating from the Galleria mall through the back doors of Nieman Marcus because she was being mobbed as she tried to shop incognito. The members of Nsync are staying at the Hotel Derek and shopped at an undisclosed mall to avoid crowds.

Jene’ asked, “why is Madonna drinking coffee at Starbuck’s news?” Because Madonna doesn’t live here, and for reasons good or bad, she’s “famous.” If Madonna lived in Houston (like Beyonce’ does), drank coffee at that Starbuck’s every Thursday morning, and shopped for groceries at HEB, then a Madonna sighting at Starbuck’s would be no big deal.

Just for your information, I am not driving inside the loop this weekend or going anywhere near Reliant Stadium. The traffic is already bad. So, I am going to thaw my guac and chips and get ready for Sunday night.

Anybody want to make a guess as to who will win Sunday night?


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