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…but not without its controversy. First of all, let me say I loved the game. It was competitive, close and after a sluggish start, well played. I really didn’t care who won either way, (though I always pull for the underdog) but I was happy to see Adam Viniteri get an opportunity to redeem himself and win the game with a field goal.

The pre-game show was one of the best I’d seen in many years, including the two times they made me cry with the interview of the Columbia crew’s families, and the interview of Trent Dilfer (who lost a son recently), Jim Kelly (who has a terminally ill son) and Boomer Esiason (who has a son with a serious life threatening illness). After all that, however, I was looking forward to some good music.

I will always love Aerosmith, no matter how old they get, and Toby & Willie did a fine job as well. The tribute to the lost crew of the Columbia made me cry. Josh Groban did such an excellent job with that song, he tore me up. Then Beyonce’, very conservatively dressed, stepped up and let her voice be the center of attention as she belted out the National Anthem. That was my favorite part of the non-sports activities.

As for the half time show… I was so disappointed. The pre-game show was better, and well, cleaner and safer for children to watch. First of all, CBS should never hire MTV to do the halftime show ever again. Second, how many years ago was it that Janet Jackson put out an album? Her voice was pre-recorded and synthesized, and her dancers were dressed like tramps. I would have much rather watched the U of H and TSU bands do a halftime show than watch her (though “Rythym Nation” is one of my favorite songs of hers) gyrate with her dancers and Justin Timberlake. I do like Kid Rock and to say his performance was the best and cleanest part of the show speaks volumes. I do not dislike Nelly or P Diddy but their performance was lackluster and uninspired. I kept waiting for the “good part,” and it really never arrived.

To make it worse, the show ended on a XXX note. As he sang the lyric, “I’ll have you naked by the end of this song,” Justin Timberlake reached over and tastelessly ripped off the coverings of one of Janet’s breasts. I sat there, thinking, “that had to have been a mistake or an accident,” but Janet had promised that her show would feature a surprise guest, and apparently, her “guest” was her exposed breast, and her lack of class. The picture in the newspaper clearly shows that her breast was completely covered by a skin toned cloth, but she was counting on the cameras being far enough away to not be able to tell the difference and she was correct. The move was even more classless than Madonna kissing Britney, and I thought after that all time low stunt, the networks (especially CBS, who seems to be censoring everything lately) would ensure that a family event like the Super Bowl would be free of such stunts. In fact, CBS Sportsline is currently running a poll for the most memorable moment of the Super Bowl and it lists Janet’s “wardrobe malfunction,” as one of the moments to choose from? How can something planned be a malfunction?

I do not envy the NFL commissioner’s office e-mail box, which should be full by now, or the e-mail box at Viacom (which owns CBS and MTV). Please help me by filling them up. Let them know that this lack of respect for their viewing audience will not be tolerated.

And the ads? Where were the ads? I saw too many repeats of old ads or ads that debuted in the pre-game slots. I liked the NFL’s “Tomorrow,” and the donkey who wanted to be a Budweiser clydesdale. I kept waiting for the ad that would make me say, “now that was worth the 2 million dollars spent for the 30 seconds,” but I was disappointed again.

The sad thing is, people will associate these shortcomings with Houston in general and that shouldn’t happen. I really hope that the Super Bowl comes back and all that is tied into it (including the ads and shows) will make people say, “wow!” instead of, “Oh, no!”

CBS still owes me an apology for the halftime show.


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