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Even people who didn’t tune in to the Super Bowl at all knew what happened by the time I got to work today. If the whole purpose of the classless stunt pulled by Janet and Justin (J & J) was to get some publicity and get people talking about them, it worked. Most of what I heard today, even from people I know who are hard to shock, were stunned silent after the halftime show ended last night, and it wasn’t just J & J’s fault. The lyrics to every song included sexual references, but because we have become such a visual nation, I think that increased the shock when Janet’s sleazy dancers appeared and then the wardrobe malfunction happened.

The FCC is now involved and what maybe started as a classless, tasteless stunt is going to cost someone big bucks. I think it should start with the performers, but given we live in a society where accused (innocent until proven guilty) rapists, murders, abusers and pedophiles — who just happen to be professional athletes or celebrities — roam free (because they have the money from their celebrity) and even continue to play and perform, I doubt much happens to J & J but a momentary public shunning and maybe some embarrassment. I think Viacom (who owns CBS and MTV) is going to get a huge fine… but that’s about it.

When Janet’s new CD comes out, will people buy it? Yes. As memorable as the wardrobe malfunction was, the public’s memory is so short, so forgiving, so willing to look the other way, even when a woman’s breast is bared in an attempt to shock 100 million people (that included many children). Besides, it’s easier to forget about it because that’s what the majority will do… the high road, the right thing, is always tougher and is always represented by the minority. Morals just aren’t cool. Nipple shields and wardrobe malfunctions are.

Janet’s new single was coincidentally shipped to radio stations this weekend. Her name was mentioned millions of times today — more press than she’s received in years. The only way to stop this behavior among celebs is to not buy their product when they act like their brains were sucked out of their heads… but that doesn’t happen. If people stopped buying Madonna and Britney’s “music” after their recent stunt, then the next time an opportunity to prove their lack of morals and class presented itself, they might (okay, that’s a stretch, I know) think twice.

This will not be the end of Janet’s career, or Justin’s. They will rise back to the top faster than you can say Dixie Chicks.


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