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Tonight my roomie was babysitting three darling little girls, the oldest is almost 5 and the twins are almost 3. I sometimes go with her to play. I always have fun and usually, I learn something I never knew before.

For example, tonight, one twin and the four year old decided to help me get ready to get married. The two year old put a scarf on my head and said, “Now you can get married.” At first, I thought she said, “You can be Mary,” thinking we were going to do a Bible story, but I finally realized (after a few repeats) she was saying, “Put this on. Now you can get married.”

While the 4 year old put barrettes and a flower wreath in my hair, I asked the little one, “So, what does the preacher say when you get married?” thinking she’d recently been to a wedding and that’s why all of a sudden she was talking about marriage. She looked at me and said, “he says, ‘put this on,’ and you’re married.” Then she put another scarf over my legs and said, “there. Now you won’t ever be cold again.”

Meanwhile the four year old said, as she tied a man’s necktie around my head, “the preacher says you have to be tied together or it just won’t work.”

“Really?” I ask. “What else does the preacher say?”

4 year old: “He tells you to take your clothes off. All of them. Then put on a bathing suit.”

2 year old: (He says) “Now, let’s have lunch!”

4 year old: “You really do have to take all your clothes off, but then you put on the bathing suit and it’s okay.”

2 year old (after the scarf falls off): “You can’t get married without this on!”

Who knew that if I would just put a scarf on I could get married? (ha ha)

I also learned something about the Great Wall of China. The 4 year old and I watched about 21 minutes of Mulan before she went to bed. In the very beginning there’s a scene that shows the Great Wall. She turns to me and says, “that’s the great big wall. A great wall. It goes up China and down China. It goes all over China.”

I wonder if this all means I should honeymoon in China after I put my scarf on and get married? Lots to ponder…


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