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The roommate babysitted my favorite preschoolers tonight, so I tagged along to play. We watched a children’s animated video, “Caillou,” featuring a boy who is drawn with no hair. This intrigued me. Everyone else, including Caillou’s grandfather, had hair (or hay-ur, as Twin #1 said to me — remember, we’re in Texas). So I thought I’d ask the experts why Caillou has no hair, and here are the top answers.

“He’s a boy. He’s just plain.”

“Only daddies have hay-ur.”

“He just is. He won’t have any hay-ur until he’s big.”

“Because he’s Caillou.”

And there you have it. After the little ones were in bed, the 5 year old and I started watching, “Harvey Potter’s Balloon Field,” or something of that nature. Of course, I have no idea how it ends, because the five year old only gets to stay up about 20 minutes later than the three year olds. I have no idea the significance of the balloons and I’m sure I’ll lose sleep over it at some point.

Then the five year old announces she’s misplaced TEDDY. Teddy, who should never leave the bed, left the bed today to lay on the couch. My theory is the same twin who took the other twin’s dollbaby and deposited it in another room probably knows exactly where she cleverly hid Teddy — but alas, she’s asleep.

Remembering a frantic incident with my little brother and an object called, “bankie,” which was lost one night, I looked EVERYWHERE for Teddy… mind you, the only thing I know about Teddy is that he’s red. That’s it. I’m looking for a red bear. Must find red bear. The longer we search, the farther this child’s lip protrudes from the rest of her face. Roommate gives her permission to cry, but she’s a tough little camper.

Parents are called. They are surprised Teddy has left his permanent, never to be removed from, place. Daddy suggests she take “Magic,” a large unicorn, that when leg is pressed, makes an obnoxious magical noise. 5 year old explains to all of the adults: “If I roll over on Magic, she’ll wake me up.” She’s pretty smart. Somehow Roommate negotiates an acceptable substitute (of sister’s dollbaby that is the same size and texture of Teddy).

Whew. Make mental note to self to buy a box in which to keep duplicates of all essential nighttime sleeping buddies at least through age five.

I’m still wondering about that doggone balloon field.


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  1. I actually had a friend who did that. Do you remember the Exxon Tiger? Her daugher had a stuffed one and lost it once and there was chaos in the home… so they ran out and bought three more, just in case. Shortly thereafter, the Exxon stuffed Tiger was retired.

  2. I have always assumed Caillou had an anomolous scalp condition. I will ask my daughter though because she’ll be sure to know. After watching Caillou for a week straight over summer vacation, I was hearing the theme song in my sleep. It’s quite a catchy little tune really. My favorite line is “Growing up in not so tough, ‘cept when I’ve had enough.” 😉 That applies to us grown ups too, eh?

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