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…or nostalgic, or anything else but my legs.

When I get in these moods to do girlie things, I should get a clue when the Roomie gets that sly grin on her face that perhaps some things are beyond my pain tolerance.

Take waxing for instance. Sugaring, rather, which is supposed to aggrevate the skin less than waxing because there is no heat involved. Right.

I have one question.


I am doing this correctly, yet I have a bruise on my thigh. The Roomie, after laughter subsided, provided me with some liquid vitamin K to relieve the irritation on my eyebrows — the part people will actually see tomorrow. Geez.

Of course, I stopped, because the rest of the hair isn’t long enough. Apparently you have to be as hairy as Mr. Snuffalufagus in order to have this particular method of hair removal work.

If this doesn’t work on Saturday, I’m going back to shaving.


I seek to live, breathe & work creatively. Late bloomer. I survived breast cancer and so much more. I will meet each challenge w/determination, badassery & sass!

7 thoughts on “I’D RATHER WAX POETIC

  1. I’m having trouble removing hair, my roommate is having issues with keeping comments on the blog.It wasn’t a bad comment, she just oopsed.

  2. You haven’t updated about how it went on Saturday…hope it went well!I’ll stick to my Intuition razor for my legs. Works like a charm. : )

  3. Well, on Saturday, I tried one more time and then…I got out my razor and shaved my legs.I’m sticking to eyebrow waxing.

  4. …Or eyebrow waxing is sticking to you! My poor facial caterpillars are in need of some thinning, I must say. I’m not unibrow material, but they’re robust eyebrows, all the same.

  5. hey sharonika,i attempted to wax my legs and armpits ONCE. never again. the only thing i will venture to have done again is my eyebrows. tweezing is just too time-consuming. but i won’t wax my brows myself. will leave it to a “professional”.

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