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I babysat the girls by MYSELF on Saturday night. The only thing that worried me was the fact that usually, I am there getting in trouble with them. Jene’ is the authority figure. Jene’ is in charge.

Jene’ now works late Friday and Saturday nights.

So, as daddy was walking out the door, he reiterated that I was in charge. The almost six year old was a big help in this area, reminding her sisters often that I was in charge.

Twin M, almost four, was so in the moment that after daddy left she became the example of complete obedience. I have never heard so many thank yous, or yes ma’ams from her, ever. Almost Six relished her big sisterness, but Twin J, was, well, squirrely as ever. At one point she had every part of her body on the table except her bottom, which was on the chair, where it is stated often, that it should be.

All in all, things went rather smoothly until THE WEDDING. Twin M was the wedding coordinator who also chose this night to be married. Being wedding coordinator totally fits in with her take-charge personality. She handled all of the ordering (I do not know what exactly she was ordering, but she was on the phone bossing people around), the catering, and the picking out of shoes. Almost Six was the wedding designer of all wedding wear including my pink feather boa headdress. Twin J was the cowgirl in search of a cowboy prince to marry. It really is tough keeping that veil on under the cowgirl hat. All of us were getting married.

Twin J was very eager to say I do, so I reviewed the wedding vows with the girls, of which only Twin J was really into the words fully. Twin M was busy making sure I showed up on time and didn’t go to jail (which I did last time I was over to play). Almost Six was flitting around the room after my bridal outfit was to her satisfaction.

As I was saying, “in sickness and in health,” to Twin J, Twin M stopped me. “What’s that?” she asked. I told her that phrase was part of the wedding vows. She giggled and said, “no, silly. They don’t say that. They ask you if you want chocolate or white cake!” I could not convince her otherwise.

Twin M then tried to line us up properly, but then things turned ugly when flitting about was not allowed in the bridal procession. At that point I called off the wedding (to which Twin M reminded me there were no men present anyway and it wasn’t going to work out) and sent the brides to put on jammies. I made a mental note to again, elope, when the opportunity presented itself… well, at the very least, no double or quadrulple wedding.

Thank goodness the girls had already had their bath, because they were very tired by the time the getting ready for bed ritual had been completed. Unfortunately, Twin J was beyond tired. She was wired and getting her into bed and STILL was nearly impossible. Finally, I got her to lay still and quiet for about five minutes while Twin M fell asleep. I left the room and tucked in Almost Six.

Five minutes later, I walked back down the hall to tell Almost Six, again, that yes, she could listen to music while she fell asleep, but she had to quit turning it up after I left the room. Twin J was singing at the top of her lungs and Twin M wasn’t happy about it.

“Twin J, please stop singing so your sister can sleep.”
Twin M whines.
“Let your sister go to sleep.”
“No. I’m singing to God.”
“While I’m sure that God appreciates the song, now is not the proper time to sing. It’s time to sleep.”
Sighs all around.
“But God likes it.”
“I know. And he also likes it when you sleep.”
Twin M is asleep.
“No more singing.”

I turned down Almost Six’s radio three times, told Twin J to be quiet two more, but then, finally, all three were asleep.

Nobody bled, cut their hair, punched each other, or put me in jail.

A good time was had by all.


I seek to live, breathe & work creatively. Late bloomer. I survived breast cancer and so much more. I will meet each challenge w/determination, badassery & sass!


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