The longer I crunch the numbers in my pursuit of transportation, the more I realize that I will be without a car longer than I thought. I’ve realized this is okay, it’s just another adjustment I’ll have to make. I have plenty of rides to and from work and am within walking distance of a grocery store, drug store, and a mall. I am going to invest in a pair of comfy shoes.

The only trouble I seem to be having is finding a ride to church. I love my church, but having to ride the bus for three hours (in what used to take 20 minutes roundtrip) to get there is troublesome. I had been considering another church nearby, just to visit, and when the car broke down, it moved higher on the priority list. It’s close enough to walk there and still have time left over to do other things on Sunday afternoon. I may have to resort to it just for my sanity, at least while I try to save money to once again have reliable transportation. Maybe it’s the sign I’ve been looking for. I don’t know, but I’m going with the flow.

Otherwise, not having a car hasn’t been too painful. Not yet anyway. I still have to clean out the old car and get her hauled away, but otherwise, I’ve moved on.

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