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11:49 AM Paint toenails “Celestial” blue. Rename “Celestial” “Colts Blue.”

12:15 PM Dressed in #18 Manning jersey. Get living room ready with Colts shrine – touchdown and extra point monkeys, Colts t-shirt.

12:35 PM Send out first “Go Colts” video, featuring me, and the monkeys.

2:30 PM Boss drops by to deliver Super Bowl shirt she bought me while in Indianapolis last week. If the Colts win, I can wear the t-shirt to work. WOOT!

4:30 PM Pregame show all sounds like blah, blah, blah and I’m sick of the stories that are making me cry — I.e. Bill Walsh, Walter Payton, Brian Piccolo. Not that I don’t care, the sadness is getting to me.

5:07 PM Break out the guacamole and chips.

5:22 PM Get a spot of guac on Manning jersey. Declare state of emergency and run to the kitchen to de-guac jersey.

5:27 PM Adam Vinitieri prepares for kickoff. Jersey still smells like guac, but guac is no longer on jersey.

5:28 PM Declare curse on formerly guac-spotted jersey as Chicago returns kickoff 92 yards for a touchdown. (Hester) Beg jersey to hurry up and dry.

5:30 PM Colts take the kickoff to the 31 yard line. Hope Peyton Manning is feeling “it” today.

5:33 PM Consider chanting to take curse off formerly guac-spotted jersey, as Colts have 3rd & 12.

5:34 PM Interception. Consider changing shirts.

5:36 PM Commercials must get better if I am to overcome this feeling of complete and utter hopelessness.

5:39 PM Consider shouting at tv (Alamo style) “Remember the RCA Dome!” to lift spirits.

5:39 PM Bears punt. Pulse begins to return to normal. Peyton has his interception out of the way. Now, lets get to it!

5:41 PM Rain begins to fall. Wish I had not bought no salt added chips.

5:43 PM First down. Cursed formerly guac-spotted jersey must be dry.

5:45 PM Out of guac. Consider this to be a blessing as last drop lands on new couch cover.

5:46 PM Now couch must be cursed, but it’s not blue and in no way related to Colts, so it’s going to be okay.

5:46 PM 53 yard touchdown. Feeling much, much, better thank you.

5:47 PM Muffed snap. Scream. Blood vessel may have burst in throat.


5:50 PM FUMBLE! Colts get the ball back! Resort to clapping to save throat.

5:51 PM Another fumble. Colts give the ball back.

5:52 PM Bears first and goal at the 5. Still considering changing shirts.

5:54 PM 3rd and goal. Screaming at the tv has commenced.

5:54 PM Touchdown, Bears. Rain is still falling.


5:55 PM Okay, Snickers commercial is pretty funny. Breathing deeply, going to my happy place. REMEMBER THE RCA DOME!!

5:57 PM Colts start at their own 17. Come on guys! Commercial.

5:58 PM The Chevy commercial is awesome! Junior was singing. Too funny.

6:00 PM David Letterman and Oprah. Great!

6:00 PM Colts start their drive. The cameras are fogged over from the rain. No gain.

6:01 PM Colts will punt. I feel sick to my stomach. So far, commercials are better than the Super Bowl. (I whisper this because I do not want the Colts to hear me).

6:04 PM FUMBLE! Colts recover! I love Bob Sanders.

6:05 PM The Bears just need to put their hands down. I’m tired of them batting the ball down.

6:06 PM 4th and 9. Colts punt. Wait… flag. 4th and 4. Still punting.

6:13 PM Bears must punt!

6:14 PM Manning throws to Addai for first down! Addai is a Houston boy!

6: 15 PM First quarter ends.



I seek to live, breathe & work creatively. Late bloomer. I survived breast cancer and so much more. I will meet each challenge w/determination, badassery & sass!

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