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7:26 PM Third quarter begins.

7:31 PM Another first down! Go Colts! Glad I didn’t change shirts.

7:33 PM Stand and do some stretches to burn off nervous energy. Really doesn’t work.

7:35 PM 3rd and long. ARGH!

7:37 PM Someone in the booth had the coach throw the red flag to challenge the number of men on the field… and he should be slapped. Colts lose a timeout.

7:39 PM Vinatieri field goal attempt. Come on, Money, Come on! IT’S GOOD!!!


7:41 PM I’ve always wondered what goes on inside a Coke machine, and now I know.

7:46 PM SACK!

7:47 PM Grossman slips again, and SACK! Someone needs to buy that boy a towel, but after the game, please.

7:50 PM Dominic Rhodes is having the game of his life. Go DOMINIC!!

7:52 PM Please be in bounds… please be in bounds… DRAT!

7:53 PM 3rd and goal. Come on, guys! GO BLUE!

7:54 PM The happiness just got sucked out of me by some guy in a black shirt.

7:54 PM Vinatieri field goal is GOOD. Running into the kicker? Not an automatic first down. Take the points!


7:58 PM The kick coverage team of the Colts is going to give me an ulcer.

8:00 PM Who says K-Fed isn’t talented? That didn’t help. Laugh all the way to the bank, K-Fed.

8:01 PM Come on DEFENSE!

8:03 PM Glad we have a corner apartment and hope and pray there’s nobody home downstairs, because I am screaming my bloody head off.

8:04 PM Bears get a field goal.


8:06 PM Colts start on their own 32. I think it’s time for Peyton to throw the ball. So he’s going to… throw… and Marvin doesn’t get his feet in? Challenge? They throw the flag. I hope nobody needs slapped when this is over.

8:09 PM Challenge is GOOD. WOO HOO!

Third quarter is over.


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