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I read a story today about caffeinated soap. Yes, that’s right, it’s soap that will perk you up while cleaning you up. Made by the folks at, this soap is designed to give you a buzz within five minutes.

As someone who isn’t on friendly terms with mornings, this sounds promising, but one might wonder if the soap would be necessary if I could get a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is something I’ve always struggled with. Years ago, I had horrible insomnia. It plagued me. No matter what I did, even with pills to help me sleep, I couldn’t get a restful sleep. Because of what I was wrestling with internally, at such a deep level I couldn’t understand, and from the insomnia, I felt like an insane person most of the time. (where was the caffeinated soap then? ha ha)

About six years ago, when I entered counseling, something amazing happened. I started sleeping – at least four consecutive hours a night – enough for REM sleep. As I dealt with what was going on inside me and started sleeping, dealing with what was going on inside me got easier. Finally, after several months of counseling and many a good night’s sleep, I stopped feeling like I was on the brink of insanity.

I still have sleepless nights, nights of fitful sleep, nights where I toss and turn, and nights when I wake up often. For the most part, though, those nights are few and far between. By dealing with what was bothering me on the inside, the insanity doesn’t rob me of sleep anymore.

I tend to get adequate sleep now, and though I’m still a non-morning person, I don’t know if I really would want some caffeinated soap, but I know some college students (who never sleep) who might buy it by the case.

I know this is really random. Maybe I’m just tired.

May the zzzz’s be with you, but if not, buy some caffeinated soap.


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