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Since I’ve been going non-stop since I stepped off the plane last Thursday, I am taking a break today and I’m doing… NOTHING at least until Sharon gets off work. I also was in a desperate state with my laundry, so I’m taking care of that today, too.

Yesterday, Sharon’s mom took me to a Sacramento River Cats game. The River Cats are a AAA minor league team that feeds into the Oakland Athletics organization. I am having trouble getting the homepage on here, but you get the idea.

Center Field at Raley Field

It doesn’t rain in central California between Easter and Thanksgiving, so it was a bright, clear, sunny day. I was slathered in sunscreen and had my trusty hat on. Our tickets were on the front row down the third base line. The kids that were with us were instructed to tell us to DUCK if they saw a ball coming our way, because I kept losing the ball in the sun.

Midway through the game, I felt so hot and I felt my skin burning through my clothes so I got up and walked around in the shade. I was soon joined by Sharon’s mother, Sharon’s niece, Paige, and nephew Daniel. Paige brought her glove with her and cousin Daniel bought her a River Cats bat for a souvenir.

I walked around and talked to the ushers and other people who worked there. This is the nicest minor league ball park I’ve ever been to. There are no seats in the outfield, but there is a hill where you can put down your blanket and sit.

You can see the Sacramento bridge from the ballpark. It is GOLD as in the Golden State.

We finished the day by going over to Sharon’s parents and having some grilled tri-tip beef and enjoying the company. At 9:28 we went outside and saw the space shuttle and space station racing across the horizon, which was so awesome. The sky was clear and I found myself wanting to wave at the shuttle. lol

I’m going to go check on my laundry…


I seek to live, breathe & work creatively. Late bloomer. I survived breast cancer and so much more. I will meet each challenge w/determination, badassery & sass!

4 thoughts on “IT’S DO NOTHING DAY…

  1. so did you steal that sign for me too???? have you convinced sharon to start a blog yet?love you, can’t wait til you get home!

  2. I could just see you running away from the stands with a big floppy hat on screaming “I’m Burning!!!”. I’m glad you’re having fun! God help me Lee is king…you know what that means!

  3. me thinks that sign of flying objects is unfair.. Why is the woman getting hit with a bat and the man gets hit with a baseball?? huh?? huh??.. I wanna hit a man with bat

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