I went to a writer’s workshop today and every time the instructor said certain words, Nancy, Dana and I would smile and add it to the list of words we would use on our blogs.

I’m sure that Nancy and Dana have a more complete list, but I am going to try to use the words, genre, transparency, rift, and ensconced in a sentence. My brain is too worn out with words to do otherwise tonight.

In the science fiction genre, a rift in the space-time continuum can cause quite a problem, but those ensconced behind a forcefield are protected despite its transparency.

Now…I am going to let my tired brain rest. Maybe I should watch “Lame is Rob?” (sorry, inside joke).

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  1. Nancy Mon says:

    Clearly being ensconed tonight, I didn’t want to be that open to transparency, but no matter the genre, I didn’t want to create a rift. Now, I am going back to wearing my ballet shoes. (another inside joke)

  2. Dana says:

    While he was talking, I conjured images of varied genres overtaken by one another like Kudzu, from the ill attempts of horrid writing….oh, I think I lost the plot…(yet another inside joke)

  3. Kelly Fisher says:

    Ok, I know I said this at lunch the other day…but, man – I hate the word “genere”….is that even spelled right? LOL

  4. Courtney says:

    a writing class and you could not put a period where it is suppsoe to go?love ya!!!

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