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This morning started off in the usual way. It’s October, my allergies are berzerk, and therefore I awoke with a sore throat and severe congestion. I hadn’t gotten much sleep, so factor sleepiness in with dizziness and my usual morning clumsiness was amplifed by 1000. Yes indeed, this morning started off in the usual way.

At about 9:03 AM, my morning took a turn for the ridiculous.

I had a full cup of coffee on my desk, which I had set by my monitor, far away from my mouse and a safe distance from the many invoices that were being tossed about. Unfortunately my tissue box is next to my monitor, and at 9:03, when I had the urge to sneeze, I drowsily reached out for a tissue and…

…spilled my full cup of coffee… over the entirety of my desk.

I called out for Mark, who was in the next room, and he sprang into action. As only a father of two small children can, he assessed the spillage in a matter of nanoseconds, grabbed a roll of paper towels, tossed me some paper towels, and saved my stack of invoices, the phone, and my keyboard from the expanding coffee puddle.

The only casualty was my mouse pad. May it rest in peace.

Even though I jumped back from the calamity, I hadn’t moved quickly enough and a waterall of coffee baptized my new jeans. Thank goodness that coffee had been sitting for a while – it wasn’t scalding hot.

I decided I didn’t want to smell like Folgers all day, so I went down to the bathroom to assess the damage and see what I could do about it. My jeans finally dried, and other than a faint whiff of Folgers, no one could tell I’d spilled coffee all over my leg.

As I was cleaning up the mess, I found myself laughing and shaking my head. I didn’t let the accident get to me, I didn’t let it ruin my day. In fact, I took the picture to commemorate the occasion and have now shared it with many.

I’m glad I’ve learned to laugh at myself and can let people laugh with me. It’s definitely a happier way to live.

And I never did sneeze… at least not this morning.


I seek to live, breathe & work creatively. Late bloomer. I survived breast cancer and so much more. I will meet each challenge w/determination, badassery & sass!

7 thoughts on “MY FOLGERS MOMENT

  1. Laughing at ourselves is some of the best laughs ever! I get delirious over some of my mishaps. Thanks for commemerating your moment…you are celebrating the moments of your life…wait that is another type of coffee.

  2. So, the coffee was spilled over your jeans, thus baptizing them…does that make them sprinklers or dunkers? Maybe they are dunklers…I know, they frimergents!

  3. if it was starbucks, i would have gone in the bathroom, taken my pants off and sucked every last drop out of my pants. karie don’t waste starbucks!

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