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I am too tired to finish the thoughts I had rolling around in my brain this evening.  I had jury duty Wednesday and my brain has been fatigued ever since.  I will write about that later this weekend.

Before I try and sleep, however, I must empty my brain of all the random thoughts so it can rest. 

– It’s interesting how we’ll let someone go free because of reasonable doubt or burden of proof, and crucify others with no proof at all.

– People will use rules, regulations, peer pressure, superstitions, and so many other conquerable obstacles to keep themselves separated from real love and friendship… “safe” from loving and being loved in return for so many silly reasons that may even seem logical at the time.  It makes me so sad and angry to watch people do this to each other, yet, I am guilty of this… and I’m guilty of allowing others to be reckless with my heart because of this.  Shame on you.  Shame on me.

– Yes, I did buy coffee at the store this week.

– That “knower” inside of me… I can still hear the Voice.  I can’t explain what a relief that is.

– My niece reminded me tonight that life is short and flies by and suddenly that little girl is almost a woman… and getting her learner’s permit. 

– If that activity/person/thing sucks every creative instinct/urge out of me, and that creative instinct/urge is what keeps me sane… I have some changes to make.

– We have this red, white, and black duck in the pond at work we can’t identify, but until we know what kind of duck he is, we are going to call him Joaquin.

– It’s a sad day when people feel that they can’t express themselves because people don’t understand them or their ideas, and so they hide their ideas away instead.  Can you feel the loss of something you were unaware of?  I believe I do, because, even if I don’t agree with you or your ideas or beliefs, I miss the challenge of working out the surety of my own ideas and beliefs.

– I need to learn to fight harder for what I know is right, for the people I love, and for my sanity.

– Your eyes betray you as much as mine betray me.  The first one that blinks… yeah, I don’t know what the heck that means right now either.

– I have to keep my mind and heart open… because the narrower my mind gets, the harder and colder my heart gets. 

– “Well, that’s just who I am,” only cuts it for God.  The rest of us have to change and grow, or we’ll never be anything like Him.  We will simply become irrelevant and fade away or just be a thorn in somebody else’s flesh.  I think, even as humans, we can be better than that.

– New ideas aren’t the enemy.  Being complacent enough to believe the old ideas are as good as it gets…is.

– The tension of tradition and a fresh direction is worth the pain.

– Listening to the Voice and doing the right thing is its own reward.

– I could do this all night, but I think I’ve siphoned enough off my brain to sleep.  We’ll see.


I seek to live, breathe & work creatively. Late bloomer. I survived breast cancer and so much more. I will meet each challenge w/determination, badassery & sass!

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