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RIP Eddie

My favorite Eddie Van Halen memory:

My older brother idolized him. When Eddie appeared on the cover of Guitar magazine in the 80’s, Scott bought a copy and brought it home. From paper, duct tape and a yard stick, he replicated the guitar, perfectly, drawing out every detail down to the knobs and frets.

Then he wired the stereo so I could sing into a very rudimentary microphone and hear my voice through the speakers. He even built me a mic stand. Karaoke wasn’t even really a thing then.

Our little brother completed our band – banging on feed buckets for drums.

We three kids were so very different, but music brought us together. Always.

RIP Eddie.

(I don’t know if this was the cover, Eddie was on so many, but we were still kids, I’d say early to mid 80’s).


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