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I’m still battling with internet issues, but the end of that will come soon, I’m sure. Meanwhile I am playing around with the mobile and email settings on Blogger so I can post while I am in the technology vestibule of hell!

On a separate note:

I am still loving my new place and the solitude it brings me. Much needed. One thing that gives me comfort is the certainty I have that God is not afraid of my honesty and He is bigger than any heartbreak I experience. The solitude has helped me keep focus and remind me that God is sovereign and good whether I see it in this moment or not.

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Despite last week’s monsoon, my move to the new apartment was successful. I have a list of people to thank… they stepped up when I really needed them and made this the smoothest move I’ve ever had.

I’m about 2/3 of the way unpacked and I can now find most everything I need and have cooked a few meals in my new spiffy kitchen. The best part of all is how quiet this place is and quiet encompasses many things, such as no highway noise, very little traffic noise, no loud, booming stereos at any time of day, no packs of screaming, unsupervised kids… like I said, very tranquil and quiet.

In fact, I almost feel like I need to maintain the “hush.”

I’ve been sitting on the floor of my living room a few nights now, and I have no doubt I will have some sort of chair or loveseat in here soon. I had hoped sitting on the floor would motivate me to buy new furniture and after one week, it’s worked.

I am so thankful for this new haven, I can’t even put it into words yet. To borrow from some great friends of mine, The 4207 will be even more homey after I hang pictures and set out more things that remind me this is the place God provided for me.

I’m still wondering what my neighbors will think of me as I scream my way through football season…

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I am moving to a new apartment this week, actually I start moving tomorrow. I am beyond excited about my new place and will need that adrenaline to get me through both a move and month end close at work.

So far, the packing has gone well and though I am about 98% prepared, I am happy with where I am in the process. It’s all going to get done and I pray the weather cooperates, but come hell or high water, this is it.

I wish I had a video camera on me sometimes. Comedy is rampant when I’m with others, but especially when I am alone, and I have the scar to prove it!

I love shrink wrap. It has revolutionized my moving experience. You can shrink wrap poles together, shoes inside the shoe rack, DVD’s inside the DVD rack… and even shrink wrap the comforter so it’s small enough to fit in a box. Yes, shrink wrap is wonderful!

Well, it is when it stays on the handle. When it comes apart and pops you right between the eyes, it’s not so great. It took me a minute to realize what had happened and then came the blood… not a great amount, thank goodness, and then I made it to the mirror and let out a laugh that epitomized my weekend. Crazy. Weird.


So the next time you hear from me, it should be from a new place. Not far away, but a new place with unlimited possibilities!

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Unpacking is even more unpleasant than packing. As tedious as packing is, you know exactly how much space you are working with (box) and you know you’ll be able to stack it conveniently out of your way. Finding places to put all my stuff has been tedious. Granted, I have a lot of room, but still, the stuff has to go IN something.

To think of all the stuff I threw away and to see all I have yet to put away makes me wonder how I lived with all that stuff.

We had Thanksgiving dinner at Luby’s because all of our dishes were in boxes. That was great fun, actually. Every race and creed was represented in the dining room and it reminded me of how much I appreciate Houston’s cultural diversity (which is what our new apt complex is).

So we’ve moved into our new place and it wasn’t without our usual dose of unusual ordeals. Friday night, I had what we thought was food poisioning. As a result, Saturday, I was lethargic, dehydrated and at times, disoriented. I had a crew of two join me with a van and we moved many light boxes and odd shaped furniture and lamps.

Sunday morning, however, we realized I did not have food poisioning. I had some sort of nasty bug that comes with a high, intense fever and diarrhea. I know it was a bug, because my roommate woke up with it and one of the men who was supposed to help us move also came down with it. We ended up with two men and two women who came to help us (and then our sick friend came to drive the truck for us). It was just enough (always is) but I had been worried because usually the Roommie is the organized, take charge one.

Fortunately, J, loaned to me through BAHP (Borrow a Husband Program), totally took charge and took some of the pressure off the Roommie, who was delirious most of the day. All told, we loaded, moved and unloaded the truck in less than 3 1/2 hours.

The following Thursday, we were supposed to go back and finish cleaning our old apartment and turn in our keys. Again, something came up that took us off guard. One of Roommie’s friends was ill, and she went to take care of the friend. The friend’s boss sent a professional cleaning crew to clean our old place in gratitude for Roommie helping out. If we don’t get the deposit back, there’s something seriously wrong.

Unfortunately, Roommie’s friend did not make it through the night and she spent most of the weekend dealing with that.

I took three days off to unpack and got a great deal finished. I can actually walk around my bed in this new room, and my closet is bigger than my first bedroom in my family’s farmhouse when I was seven. I am very pleased with the service here (same day service) and the commute isn’t bad. It’s fairly quiet most of the time, and the neighbors are very nice. So far, so good.

I will not miss the following from the old place:

Thumping car stereos in the middle of the night.

Second-hand cigarette smoke from the neighbors next door that floated up into my bedroom window.

Bathroom tiles cracked and ready to fall into the tub.

Requests for repairs that were ignored, sometimes for YEARS.

Our kitchen floor flooding everytime there was a significant downpour.

Hearing these words when asking about a service request six months after it was placed, “we’re waiting on bids.”

Yeah, I’m grateful for the new place more and more each day.

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I filled 13 boxes today and I still don’t feel like I’ll ever get finished. I have a week to get things in boxes, but the last thing I want to do is spend Thanksgiving packing.

It’s amazing what you find after living somewhere for five years. I’ve already thrown out no less than twenty bags of garbage. The Salvation Army was here Thursday and they took an entire room full of clothes and furniture. Still, I’m sitting in a room full of stuff. Amazing.

Downsizing isn’t fun, but I’m sure it will help when it’s all said and done.

Thursday, I’ll be eating at Luby’s since my dishes will be in boxes… and I will be thankful. I will be thankful when next weekend has passed and I am in my new apartment enjoying the benefits of downsizing… and my own bathroom.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

By the way, the week of Christmas… I am doing NOTHING. I deserve it.

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The Roommie and I are moving come November 30th, whether we have anyplace to go or not. Know of any good places to rent in Houston? lol

Im really out of my comfort zone with this one. I may have to move to a neighborhood that is not of my choosing, that stretches me in ways I still don’t know how to put words to. I think it’s a good thing, but still, moving is stressful, and we’re moving just shy of the holidays which is a stressful time for me anyway.

AND, did I mention it’s time for NANOWRIMO and I’m writing 50,000 words in 30 days again?

Should be fun, right? Should be a stretch…