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I’ve been feeling better of late. Life is back to as normal as it gets for me. My new meds have left me nauseous and the dry air has kept my allergies irriated but I had wanted to get out and take some photos this weekend.

I went for a walk around the apartment complex to stay close and reconnect with the area around me.


My street was nice and quiet.


This photo illustrates just how desperately most of Texas needs rain. Trees are dying. Yards are drying up. Lakes, streams and ponds are so low.


I found a friend in a patch of flowers.  The wind (leftovers from Tropical Storm Lee) was gusting so it made it difficult to get this guy to hold still.


This feather was so blue in the sun and I wanted to illustrate that.


I love taking photos of flowers and I love Lightroom presets.


I was amazed at how much trash litters the sides of the streets here.  In the dry grass I found lighters, cigarette butts, napkins, a half eaten hotdog and several broken reflectors. I feel like doing a PSA for not littering and not starting fires in this dry grass with cigarette butts! People are careless.  Way too careless.


I walked for about an hour and that felt good.  No sunburn (I have my brain back so I remembered my sunscreen) but I’m still sneezing. I don’t know what’s in the air today (not moisture, that’s for sure).  It was good to get out and take photos though. Hopefully this is the catalyst for things to come.  Time to get snappin’!

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Last year on this day, it snowed in Houston.  The next day, I went out and took engagement photos in temps in the upper 30’s/low 40’s.

One year later, it was nearly eighty degrees.  A perfect day for a photowalk.

I went out with my camera and my new compact macro lens.  At first, I started gathering fall leaves, which, in Houston, peak the first week of December.  I had many to choose from, but they were all one shape.

Then, I started walking around the complex, looking for more leaves.  I found a few.

Since I was out, I decided to check my mail and I saw some flowers and poinsettia’s by the apartment office so I tried my new lens out on those.
I saw some white poinsettia’s in the window of the office, so I went in and asked if I could take pictures of it. There was also a white poinsettia in the window by the pool.  
For some reason, even though I knew the water would be cold in the pool, it called to me anyway.  As usual, water always gives me great shots to take. (Try not to picture me lying down on the concrete poolside hanging sideways over the side as I tried to get these shots).  

I had fun getting shots of leaves in the water.  This required me to be thankful I do occasional yoga and that I was wearing yoga pants at the time.

 I loved this leaf. It reminded me of a butterfly.

Then I gathered more leaves, and then took them back to my apartment for more fun.

All in all, it was a good day of photography for me.  The new lens was interesting and I do like it, it will just take some getting used to as I continue to study the best way to get the best shots.

Tomorrow, by the way, it might get to a high of 57 degrees.

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I have read about many opportunities in other cities to go on a
Photowalk, where photographers of all skill levels get together and walk and take pictures in various scenic areas of their cities. Photographers can share ideas, tips, techniques and get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

That I know of, Houston has yet to have an organized Photowalk, so a few Saturdays ago, my friend Mish and I went to Hermann Park here in Houston to walk around and take photos (and get my first sunburn patch of the year).

Mish has a Nikon that she shoots with and I have a Canon T1i.  We started at the botanical gardens by the zoo and were quite pleased, despite our cold winter, to find some flowers had bloomed.

The good part of having a nice telephoto lens is not getting near these little guys (I’m allergic)

 There were so many interesting colors.
These flowers reminded me of butterflies.

(Mish and her Nikon!)

Hermann Park has changed in the last few years. They have made a beautiful reflecting pool, and the Japanese garden is very peaceful to walk through. We spent about two hours taking photos of fountains, kids, ducks, turtles, puppies, and families enjoying the cool, sunny day.

I am particularly fascinated with water.  Always have been, so I tend to take many shots like these:

All in all, it was a great morning and I had a lot of fun talking with Mish while we shot photos.  I hope to do it again soon!