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More Christmas Eve snow. Posted by Hello

Both pictures taken by Jene’ (c) 2004

The snow didn’t end yesterday morning. I drove through the snow on the way to Christmas Eve service and when I came back outside almost two hours later, my car was covered in snow! The ground was too warm to hold the snow for long, so the snowman was made from the snow on my trunk.

Other areas near Houston got as many as 10 inches. I couldn’t believe it. In Galveston, people were making SNOW ANGELS on the beach. Totally crazy, but we had fun.

Sadly, the beady-eyed snowman melted just two short hours later and tomorrow it will be 60 degrees. However, this will be a Christmas to remember because of our flaky visitors!


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  1. Our good friends in Louisiana got snow. Lisa is 41 and had never seen snow before, and here they get it on Christmas Day! They had snowball fights, wrote their names in the street, and drove their ATV around in it. She posted pictures and they’re all grinning from ear to ear.

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