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I know a lot of people can be depressed on Valentine’s Day if they don’t belong to a pair. No candy, no flowers, no dates, etc.

I learned a long time ago – I buy myself flowers. I purchase my own jewelry. I take myself out on “dates.” I eat the chocolates my coworkers’ other halves buy. 😉 I am not enamored with this one day a year of love celebration.

I celebrate love every day. I try to love people as best I can every day. I don’t need to focus on this one day where I don’t have something or someone “special” to celebrate.

Best of all, I love myself well. I am not lonely at all. I am enough.

I hope that all who may feel lonely or let down by today can get to the point where they truly believe and know they are enough. That state of being is completely possible! I live in it every day.

Buy yourself some daisies and open a bottle of wine. You are loved and you are enough.

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Until 1988, I didn’t know much about Martin Luther King, Jr. Nothing was taught about him in history class (of course, no history class I was in got much further than WW2), and so it passed under my radar.

In college, I had a friend named Dee Dee who suggested, since we were near Atlanta on Spring Break, that we go see the MLK Center opened by Dr. King’s widow.

We went on our journey that day and I didn’t know what to expect from our visit, but I left the MLK Center very reflective and sad that someone who fought so hard for equality was persecuted for it. He was not perfect, but he was important. For all of us.

My life is richer because of the diversity in it. May we all work together so we are all on equal footing to reach our dreams.

Happy birthday to the King of all Dreamers.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Some people have asked how I can stand being alone on a holiday. It’s not easy to explain. Yes, I miss my family, but I live far from all of them. West coast, Midwest, and Florida at times. It’s not always practical from a time or financial standpoint to head home for the holidays. I am grateful when I can spend holidays with them.

I used to visit other people’s homes for holidays and while I loved it (miss hanging with some families in particular), it is sometimes stressful for me walking into a handful of strangers and their family dynamic whatever it is just for the sake of not being alone on a holiday. I used to be more stressed out by being alone vs not being alone, but no more.

I am not afraid or stressed out by being alone. Ever. Even on holidays. It’s not an act, it is a genuine state of being for me. I put on music or a movie or whatever sport is in season and I cook and sing and make myself laugh (I am currently sporting bandaids on each thumb from knife incidents earlier). I am my own good company. I choose to be happy regardless of my circumstances.

I have had a great day today. I created savory culinary delights in my new kitchen. I decorated my balcony and made a lot of soup. I watched a football game, Gone With the Wind, and I have a cup of coffee in one hand and wine in the other.

For this attitude, being comfortable in my own skin, for being happy no matter what, for being my own good company, for that, today, and most days, I am incredibly thankful.

I hope you had a great day today no matter how you chose to celebrate. I am thankful for all that stop to see what crazy thing I’m up to when they have a chance.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

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I hope you and yours are having a wonderful Christmas!

Last night, after a wonderful Christmas Eve service at my church, Ecclesia, I drove through some neighborhoods to take pictures of Christmas lights. Above are a few of many I took. Then I went uptown to take pictures of the poinsettia.

I used my monopod to hold the camera steady to get these great shots. Apparently, I looked like I knew what I was doing, because after I took a few pics of my own, several people asked me to take pictures for them so all members of their party could be in them. It was pretty fun.

Here’s the poinsettia and a few other shots.

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Today, as I was looking around my apartment mentally planning my Christmas decor, I realized that I was without an Advent wreath, a Christmas tree skirt, and misc decorations. In a flashback to a time when Jene’ had to make us an Advent wreath in the buckle of the Bible belt, I knew I would have to start from scratch or spend time driving all over town trying to find a place with pre-made Advent wreaths.

Since my friend Amy mentioned the word, “crafty” (in the arts & craft sense) earlier today, I thought I would try to make my own wreath. I went to Michael’s and bought a wreath and some decorations for it. I could not, however, find any taper candle holders (all gone), advent candles or any comparable candles that wouldn’t choke me to death.

Fortunately, I often shop at Hobby Lobby, one of my favorite stores. I figured if I could find Advent candles nearby, it would be there.

Success! I found Advent candles, and candle holders, AND all ornaments were 50% off. Hobby Lobby is having crazy sales every week this season, and I encourage you to shop there. Every week a different set of seasonal items are marked down. I love their ornaments and bought a couple and got some garland for over the door and some Buffalo snow rather than material to make a Christmas tree skirt.

I have too much Christmas stuff… BUT I have an extra room, which will become the Christmas Staging Area (or CSA) and I will once again sort and pare down what I have and I can get stuff out and not clutter up any other space in the apartment. I have already started decorating (Ok… I made the Advent wreath and a tiny tree for either my room or to take to work) and hope to get in the Christmas swing soon.

In other news… I am behind on my word count for NANOWRIMO, but hope to catch up over the next couple of days… and now I can’t use the Advent Wreath Emergency for a distraction.