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Closed-minded Piety

I guarantee you this….

You know someone who is gay.

You know someone who committed a crime.

You know someone who has had to choose between gas and groceries.

How dare you judge anyone based on their ability to adapt the limits put on them by the abled?

If you want to help, you will heed the command to love those as yourself.

If you want to help, you will feed the hungry and house the unhoused.

If you want to help, you will stop trying to sanctify the reasons you do not.

All people have the right to the basics.

Be careful that you think you have the right to judge who does and who doesn’t.

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How Friends Say, “I Love You”

This is how your friends say, “I love you.”

– Did you eat today?

– Did you drink anything today? No, not coffee, I meant water.

– How did you sleep?

– Can I help?

– It’s ok to scream in my ear…go.

– Play “Eye of the Tiger” and call me back

– When was the last time you went outside?

– Take a walk

– It’s ok to stop for the day

– I miss your face

You are told every day you are loved, but it isn’t always “I love you.”

And in case you forgot:

You are strong.

You are loved.

You are enough.