I haven’t been feeling well all day, which has lent itself to bland food and lots of tv and naps. I took a long, hot bath to relax and when I got out of the tub, Extreme Makeover Home Edition was on.

Usually, that show makes me shed at least one tear (which is a lot if you know what a tight reign I keep on my emotions) and tonight was no exception. I was especially impressed by the 13 year old of the four Killgallon boys.

He said he was interested in Astronomy, a subject that I am fascinated by (but don’t know nearly as much about as I’d like). This thirteen year old said that he was in awe of space because it was “inifinite and accessible all at the same time.”


As soon as I feel better, I’ll try to wrap my brain around that statement and write more about it. I was impressed this teenager could express that and I was thrilled to see the room that was made for him that I’m sure will take his interest in Astronomy and help it grow.

Space being the biggest expression of God (along with the ocean) to me, I immediately found myself applying “infinite and accessible all at the same time,” to God. I don’t know that human beings could ever truly wrap their brains around that notion, but I sure want to try.

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  1. Karie says:

    i’m sorry you don’t feel good..it makes me sad when you don’t feel good. i’ll see you soon!!!

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