Today was a “down” day, a “do nothing” day. After arriving back from California on Monday, Tuesday morning I was back at work and I hit the ground running. Thursday and Friday the store was immersed in year-end inventory, and by Friday night, I was worn out.

So I woke up about 9 this morning with the intention of not doing a whole heck of a lot. My intentions went downhill quickly.

My allergies have been bad since I came back to Houston, so I decided to try to clean my room and “de-dust” it.

I took down the curtains from my “wall” that hides my shelving units in my room to wash. Then I washed my sheets, rugs from the bathroom, and my regular laundry. I vacuumed the entire apartment and used my “shark” vac to hit the lamp shades, blinds, sheers, and other dust target areas. I also cleaned my bathroom and worked on a “movie” of my vacation.

Not bad for doing “nothing.” ha ha

And of course, since one of my nicknames is GRACE and I didn’t have any weird accidents during my vacation, today I totally made up for it. At some point during the cleaning frenzy, I managed to turn a burner on in the kitchen. We have a gas stove and I’ve been uber paranoid about it since we moved in, so normally, I find myself checking the dials whenever I’m near it. I don’t know when I turned it on, but I was vacuuming down the hall and smelled gas. I thought it was the dryer, but as I rounded the corner I saw the back burner aflame (and not just a little aflame, either). I still don’t know when I bumped the dial on the stove, but I’ll definitely be more careful as I vacuum the kitchen next time.

Also, since I’ve been back, it’s rained EVERY day, and it rained every day while I was gone. It’s incredibly humid and green here. Such a drastic change from my vacay.

Speaking of vacay, besides working on the movie, I scanned all my brochures and my fortunes from all the fortune cookies I had while I was gone. I laughed, as most of these were apropos for my trip. For example:

When I got this one, I laughed. Now that I’m through with inventory at work and have time to reflect on this trip, I know this one will play itself out. It may be all in my mind, but I feel different and I look forward to the next phase of my great transformation.

More on that later…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dana says:

    Shae!!!!!!!! Back blogging…yay!!!So uh, do nothing eh? Sadly it is physically impossible to do nothing…for in doing nothing you are still doing…I don’t know, it’s late and I feel like talking…Love you!

  2. Karie says:

    can you come clean my room? it’s in some desperate need of attention and i don’t give it what it needs. it’s only about half the size of your apt! so it’ll take you half the time right???

  3. Meg says:

    I look forward to seeing your movie, and also those Lombard Street pictures!!!

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