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In the last year, I have decreased my clutter by at least 60% (if not more). Today, while cleaning up Christmas decorations, I got rid of another box full of ornaments and decorations I haven’t displayed in years. Last week, I emptied my closet of 6 bags of clothes and shoes (and this is after getting rid of 12 bags the year before when we moved). I also have another box of old plates and decorative dishes ready to go out. I know I still have quite a bit of work to do, but I’m on the right track. The more I simplify, the happier I am.

I have a lot of “insulation” falling away. There’s nothing wrong with having things. There’s nothing wrong with having more than one thing. There is something wrong with opening a box after I’ve moved it twice and it hasn’t been opened in 7 years and it’s not something I plan on passing on to my children (like the deteriorating antique German Bible).

Jene’ and I have talked about this a lot lately, but just as I insulated myself with weight to protect myself emotionally, I insulated myself with things to keep from having to deal with my life. Now that I’m dealing with my life, I don’t need all the things. Seems simple, but it took a lifetime to get here.

Today, as I opened box after box and screamed, “what is this crap?!” and “why in the world would I keep this?” I found it easy to put the crap in the discard pile. There are still things in my life that might have to be pried from my cold, dead fingers, but the totality of it might actually fit in my cold, dead fingers now.

The more I morph from the old me to the new me (Sassy), the more I rejoice that I can leave more of the old me behind both literally and figuratively.

Someday, I’ll probably be cleaning and still saying, “why do I still have this?!” but for now I’ll be content that I can now do a somersault on my closet floor.


I seek to live, breathe & work creatively. Late bloomer. I survived breast cancer and so much more. I will meet each challenge w/determination, badassery & sass!


  1. You can do a somersault? Wow, I am impressed!I have the same bug, but I don’t know if it is for the same reason. I just hate crap. Piled up and in your way and not used. Crap.Collections ofRefuseAndPoo

  2. In your closet you can somersault…? Can I come over to your closet cause I have never known how to somersault. 🙂 No, I could do that, I never could get the hang of the cartwheel.I know what you mean about getting rid of so much clutter. Yesterday, I went through part of my closet and got rid of so much stuff. A couple of years ago when I had my ephinay…and it is ephinay Sunday… and now your ephinahy, I digress, anyway I got rid of so much stuff I had been hanging onto and moving around for years. Every time I feel the need to clean my closet, I know something spiritual is going on in me. I kind of thought with all the time I took off I would be purging a lot of things, but it wasn’t to be. I was still and knew He is God. Well, I have gone on way too long, but I am cheering you on with this so great a crowd of witneses and rejocing with you over truth and victory in your life.Happy New Year!!!

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