I had originally created this list a week or so ago while waiting for Gustav, which went East to Louisiana. So, I tweaked it a little and this is the list, redux.

The top five games to play while waiting for Hurricane Ike are:

5. Writing sentences with words that start with the letters from abbreviations of the computers that are giving us the spaghetti models. i.e. HWRF: His watch ran fast.

4. Finding synonyms for the word, “swath.” “Swath” was apparently before Roget’s time.

3. Wondering aloud what Hawking would say about the Cone of Uncertainty and whether or not Jim Cantore can tell the future… because Cantore showed up in Galveston long before it was in the middle of said Cone of Uncertainty.

2. Crank up the static electric flashlights! If there was another person here, we could actually race and it might be fun.

and the number one game to play while waiting for Hurricane Ike:

With an ode to Carmen Sandiego… Where on the Gulf is Jim Cantore? (and unfortunately, we found him in Galveston last night and he’s still there!)

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  1. KELLY says:

    That’s funny….you are so stinkin’ creative! Take care of yourself…I’m praying for God to watch over you as this storm passes! Love you!

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