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This is why I am not evacuating. Much like what happened with Rita, the freeways were clogged today with people who needed to evacuate, and many people who did not. Though the freeways are not as packed as they were three years ago, I still had no desire to go sit in traffic and go 5 mph for hours on end.

This picture was taken around 3:15 PM at Blalock Road and I-10. I was dismissed from work at noon and the freeways were not nearly this busy. Even now, six hours later, the freeway situation has not improved much. We may see contraflow lanes open in a couple of hours, but still, I feel the need to stay put.

I walked over to my neighborhood grocery store and the parking lot was full all the way to the freeway. Either people are staying put, or they are buying supplies so they can cook dinner while they wait in traffic. Either alternative is plausible.

That poor lonely loaf of bread… but it was gone when I went back with Jene’ a couple of hours later.

And of course, the obligatory shot of the bottled water aisle.

What I’m sure will be a more common sight by tomorrow morning:

Right now, the most I expect are some fallen tree limbs, and some loss of electricity. I am as prepared as I can be, and maybe I’ll sneak out for more pics tomorrow.


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