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After being burgled once at the end of June, I returned from vacation, got a partial reimbursement check from the insurance and went to Best Buy and purchased another TV. As I watched movies and sports, I went through my list of loss and wondered when I should replace anything else.

Three days after I purchased the new TV, I came home from work and the thieving hoodrats had come back, taken the new TV and every electronic device they hadn’t gotten their hands on during the first burglary.

My first emotion was disbelief, a numb explosion of disbelief. Then, of course, as I dialed 911 again, I was angry. To be violated once was enough, twice was too much!  This meant this burglar knew my schedule. Knew I’d purchased a new TV. He (or they) was watching me

After that notion hit me like a ton of bricks, this thieving hoodrat was watching me – for the first time in seven years, I almost threw up. I am nauseous all the time from Tamoxifen but this time I almost gave into the urge to toss my cookie (stomach is too small for multiple anything). I felt all sorts of PTSD bells and whistles going off at the same time. 

I sat down in the recliner (where the idiot had left the power cord to the stereo) and tried to collect myself.  I told myself that I was sane and present and in control and that I was NOT GIVING INTO FEAR. A few deep breaths and collective moment later, I started making phone calls.

I called maintenance and had them come fix the door. Again. Then, I began to survey the loss.  Besides the TV, my Bose stereo dock was gone, along with a TENS unit, some messenger bags (for what they had stolen earlier) a bluetooth keyboard, and (of course you start noticing things after the police leave) a friend’s magnificent Nikon camera and lens set that he let me borrow because he knows how I am about taking pictures.  Also taken were some yoga DVD’s, some motion sensor lights and my scale. Yes, they took MY SCALE (which I didn’t discover until the next morning when I went to weigh myself).

The item, however, that really hit my heart was the loss of my precious guitar, a gift from a musician and friend I truly admire. 

That was the breaking point.  Now it was personal. They had taken something that meant something to me, something I cannot replace.  The violation level had gone beyond, “just stuff,” to something that mattered.

When maintenance arrived, I demanded the phone number of the apt manager. He called his manager instead and he told me that the manager would talk to me in the morning.  I told him I was moving and he said they would make that happen. 

HPD arrived in a half hour instead of an hour like the last time.  He was a nice guy, the partner of the HPD officer who interviewed me last time.  He was kind and understanding and told me if he were me, he’d move. Like yesterday.

Well, that was a Tuesday night. Wednesday, I went to look at another apartment and Thursday, I put out the call for movers.  Most of my friends were out of town or otherwise occupied on such short notice. All I could do was pray for God to come through.  I had enough to worry about trying to pack an apartment in less than 48 hours. 

As God usually does, he provides enough help from unusual sources. I had put out some feelers at work, embarrassed to even have to ask people to help me move.  I did it anyway. I got an overwhelming response. I am fortunate to work with some top-notch quality human beings! 

One man I work with came and sat down next to me, said he’d heard what happened and said he’d be there Saturday with a 24-foot covered trailer. I was stunned. Grateful and overwhelmed.

Two friends from small group, and a guy I don’t yet know from small group (who needed to procrastinate studying for the Bar exam) also came to help. Soon, they had a system in place and things went like clockwork despite the fact I was not fully packed and still have a lot of stuff. 

By the end of the day, I was tired, and overwhelmingly filled with a deep gratitude I’d not felt in a long time.  The new apartment is bigger, full of light and has a great view. It’s also very, very quiet up here. A blessing in disguise for certain.

I sincerely hope this is my last round with the hoodrat thieves. Trying to replace everything, though I have insurance is tedious and time consuming. I am ready to get back on track and get my life back!  I am grateful and settled. Can’t ask for a lot more.


I seek to live, breathe & work creatively. Late bloomer. I survived breast cancer and so much more. I will meet each challenge w/determination, badassery & sass!

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