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On October 5th, I will join a team of my co-workers, their family and friends in the Komen Walk/Race for the Cure.  As a breast cancer survivor, I am eager to walk the 5K and thrilled to have so many people I know participate. 

I work for MAN Diesel & Turbo, known around the world for making, servicing and repairing diesel engines of all sizes.  Our current slogan is “We are your MAN!” Our team slogan is, “We support the Ladies.” Very playful and tasteful. I cannot wait to wear the shirt!

As someone personally affected by breast cancer, raising awareness and funds for a cure is extremely important to me. I hope that you can find $5, $10, $15…$20 dollars in your pocket to donate. I know some people have philosophical differences with the Susan G Komen foundation.  I ask that you think of me, or my mother, or my grandmother, or my aunts and cousins who have had breast cancer – some winning the battle, others not.  I don’t wish the breast cancer journey on anyone. That is why the support of the race for the cure and breast cancer awareness is important regardless.  Just because a percentage goes to something you do not agree with, think of the percentage that does.

If you would like to donate, please visit our team page here:  I will update you after the race with the story and photos.


I seek to live, breathe & work creatively. Late bloomer. I survived breast cancer and so much more. I will meet each challenge w/determination, badassery & sass!

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