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Time doesn’t heal all wounds
but time does go on.
Time magnifies and distills
and exaggerates and 
impairs and slaps me back
to the cruel reality 
where you aren’t here anymore.
I don’t like it.
I know I don’t have to…
but time does go on.
Time does many things,
but time is not a healer.
is the deception of time.
In memory of Scott Ziegler 1965-2001
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I saw a glimpse of her today –
The laughing child wrapped in innocence,
The one I couldn’t protect.
How I’ve tried to love her,
to keep what’s left of her
Out of the corner of her eye,
She saw what was to come,
And because she loves me
She will walk through the fires of hell,
For she knows that trial by flame
Will make me the woman I am today.

Sharon R. Ziegler (9-29-09)

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by Sharon R Ziegler

I thought perhaps when I
stopped feeling hot, molten lava in my gut
whenever I thought of you…
that was forgiveness.

Or when I finally
slept through the night unaided by pills and
the nightmares subsided…
that was forgiveness.

Or when I let myself
speak your name
and not choke on it as it escaped my lips…
that was forgiveness.

I don’t think it’s forgiveness
when my fingers are still
firmly gripped around your throat.

And I may never forget.
I don’t know that forgetting is possible.
But I have to let go of your throat.
Your life is not mine and mine is not yours.

Someone still sees you as redeemable
And as long as that possibility exists…
It’s not my job to be your judge and jury.

And as I let go, my fingers are sore
And your neck is bruised.
You were breathing anyway.
But now I’m free to feel something real.

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The warmth of the sun and the snap of the wind
The chill in the air and the breeze
I let raindrops fall on my face now
And this is how I feel
I laugh and the sound tickles others’ ears
I give grief a wanted reprieve
I can see farther than the horizon now
And this is how I feel

– by Shae, 01/25/08